Little Dolly

TLBAA: C282453
DOB: 06/06/2012
For Sale: $6,000




Little Dolly is an exceptionally large bodied butler blend that is showing considerable horn growth. She is a friendly cow that loves being a mom. She has risen to the job and is often the babysitter for all the calves in her herd. The only reason she is for sale is that we are focusing on a straight butler herd.


Little Precious Dolly
TLBAA: CI295064
2015 Heifer
2015 longhorn heifer

Little Frank x Little Dolly

Little Dolly as a Heifer

LL Foolish Frank
2016 Bull
2016 longhorn bull

Little Frank x Little Dolly

Little Dolly 18months

18 months

Little Dolly 12months

12 months

Little Dolly 16months

16 months

Little Dolly 1month

1 month

Little Dolly 14months

14 months

Little Dolly 1day

1 day