Foolish Pleasure

TLBAA: C220574
DOB: 04/15/2001

Foolish Pleasure is the matriarch of our herd and one-of-a-kind cow. Not only is she extremely polite with lots of horn and a solid body structure, but she throws a great calf every year with horn, body, and a fantastic personality.


LL Plum Kipper
TLBAA: C296395
DOB: 07/14/2015
2015 Heifer

Plum Perfect x Foolish Pleasure

2013 Bull Calf
DOB: 10/06/2013
2013 Bull Calf

Big Jake x Foolish Pleasure

Little Dolly
TLBAA: C282453
DOB: 06/06/2012
2012 Longhorn Cow

Big Jake x Foolish Pleasure

Waylon J.
DOB: 05/02/2011
2011 Longhorn Steer

N/A x Foolish Pleasure

Big Jake 108
TLBAA: B73338
DOB: 04/08/2008
2008 Longhorn Bull

Little Luckenbach x Foolish Pleasure

Little Cinderella
TLBAA: C231398
DOB: 7/24/2005
2005 Longhorn Cow

Bull Market 144 x Foolish Pleasure