The Herd 2015

Thank you for visiting LL Longhorns. We hope that you enjoy your visit and will come back often to see the new additions to our herd as we grow and promote our Butler and Butler-blend Texas Longhorn cattle. If you would like to visit our ranch or are interested in purchasing an animal, please contact us.

We are excited to announce the recent purchase of 75 acres just south of Navasota, TX. With rolling hills, oak trees, and fresh air, our Texas Longhorn cattle will flourish there.

An icon of the lost wild west era, the Texas Longhorn was almost extinct in 1970. With the perseverance of a few dedicated breeders, the longhorn has made a sustainable comeback. We are honored to partake in preserving this Texas tradition.



Brighton 211

Our longhorns are registered with the Texas Longhorn Breeder's Association of America and we are supporters of the Butler Texas Longhorn Breeders